Why Fusion?

The development of fusion energy holds the promise of efficient, clean, safe, energy for 1,000′s of years.  Watch the video below where Dr. Steve Cowley, the director of Europe’s largest fusion lab, gives an engaging presentation highlighting the need for fusion energy.

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Fusion is…

Efficient – Fusion generates more energy per reaction than any other energy source.  A single gram of deuterium/tritium fusion fuel can generate 350 million kJ of energy, nearly 10 million times more energy than from the same amount of fossil fuel!

The energy content for different fuels are compared to fusion fuel. (Deuterium/tritium picture was: Taken from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory July/August 1999 Science & Technology Review publication)

Clean - Fusion has no carbon emissions and produces no long-lived nuclear waste.  Like other zero carbon emission energy sources (Solar, Wind, etc.) fusion does not produce greenhouse gases or long-lived nuclear waste.

Safe – Fusion is inherently safe.  Unlike fission, fusion does not have the possibility of meltdowns (Chernobyl, Three Mile Island). By the very nature of the fusion reactions, they require energy to occur. Therefore, loss of control in a fusion reactor starves the plasma of the energy needed to fuse and the reactions will simply cease.

Abundant – There is enough fusion fuel on Earth to produce energy for 1,000′s of years.  The fuel for fusion is readily available in the Earth’s oceans (deuterium) and can be easily created from natural lithium deposits (tritium), with supplies allowing fusion to meet the world’s energy needs for thousands of years.

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