Senator John Kerry visits Alcator C-Mod

On Monday March 19th Senator John Kerry visited Alcator C-Mod at the PSFC at MIT staying for about an hour.  Senator Kerry toured the C-Mod control room and saw Alcator C-Mod itself inside the experimental cell.

Senator Kerry was accompanied on his tour by PSFC Director Miklos Porkolab, Alcator Division Head Earl Marmar and Associate Director Martin Greenwald.  Senator Kerry spoke with several graduate students and researchers about fusion energy and research done on Alcator.

This visit comes after Senator Kerry expressed strong support for the continuation of the Alcator C-Mod experiment in a letter to the Senate Appropriations committee. Senator Kerry is the most recent of several important decision makers to visit Alcator in the recent months:

Representative Chris Murphy (CT), Nov 28th, 2011
Representative Martin Heinrich (NM), December, 4rd 2011
Governor Deval Patrick (MA), March 9th, 2012
Representative Jay Inslee (WA), March 9th, 2012
Representative Mike Capuano (MA), March 9th, 2012
Senator John Kerry (MA), March 19th, 2012

Read the press release from the MIT news office here

Please take the time to thank Senator Kerry for making time to visit Alcator C-Mod.

PSFC's Martin Greenwald explains how Alcator C-Mod operates while graduates students work in the control room. -PSFC

Senator Kerry discusses fusion with PSFC graduate students and Professor Whyte (left) and Scientist Bonoli (right). - PSFC

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