Science Insider – At DOE, Body blows to Fusion..

Science Insider breaks down the recently proposed science budget for FY13.  In particular they point out the areas with large cuts, including the cut to Alcator C-Mod and the domestic fusion program.

Excerpt from the article by Adrian Cho:

… In the single most dramatic shift, DOE would pay for an increased contribution to the ITER international fusion project by diverting funds from its domestic fusion programs, including shuttering a fusion experiment known as the Alcator C-Mod at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge. Overall, the fusion energy sciences budget falls by 0.8% to $398 million, but increases the U.S. contribution to ITER to $150 million, up from $105 million this year. That shift forced officials to throw some things overboard, including MIT’s $18 million budget for C-Mod…

… Fusion physicists have long worried that the U.S. contributions to ITER would starve the domestic fusion program, and that appears to be happening.

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