Public Radio International – “Fusion Confusion”

Living on Earth, Public Radio International’s Environmental news magazine ran a podcast about the recent political turmoil around the domestic fusion budget.

The producers interviewed Dr. Stephen Dean, president of Fusion Power Associates, a non-profit entity for the advancement of fusion research in the US.

In the course of discussion Dean was asked how the increasing cost of ITER and its impact on the FY13 budget will impact the US domestic fusion effort.  Dean’s response:

DEAN: Well, it’s going to be a disaster if it comes to pass. It’s a very severe cut, they’re already proposing to shut down one of our three major facilities at MIT, and it will keep us from being prepared to really utilize ITER. It’s going to discourage students from getting into the field because they won’t see the prospects of working here in the United States, so it’s a very serious matter if it comes to pass.

Read the transcript or listen to the podcast here.

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