Graduate students travel to DC, speak to Congress about domestic fusion program

Brandon N. Sorbom

On June 14, 2012, a group of graduate students from MIT and a student from UT Austin traveled to Washington, DC to speak with 26 Congressional offices about restoring funding to the domestic fusion program.

MIT news reports (excerpt):

Bipartisan support for the domestic fusion program was expressed by staff from numerous Senate offices, including Massachusetts Senators John Kerry (D-Mass.) and Scott Brown (R-Mass.), who have previously written letters of support for fusion and have agreed to continue working with the fusion community on the issue. The MIT students attending the congressional visits spoke of the preparation and meetings as a terrific learning experience in science advocacy and an insightful glimpse into the politics of federally funded science.

In addition to thanking members of Congress who support fusion for their continued help, students were able to reach out to Senators and Representatives unaware of the domestic fusion crisis and inform them of the situation.

A number of Congressional staffers mentioned receiving letters in support of domestic fusion, and that they took their constituent’s concerns very seriously.  If you haven’t written a letter yet, please take the time to contact your representatives in DC and either thank them for their continued support or urge them to stand behind the domestic fusion program!

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