Fusion Devices Around the World

First, some good reference sites:


The news portal for the US fusion effort.  Here you will find news releases and technical details as well as reports about the US and world fusion effort. It is comprehensively updated.

FESAC Archives

The Fusion Energy Sciences Advisory Commitee (FESAC) is the official goverment advisory panel to fusion energy.  This panel gives the DOE advice about the US fusion program.  The webcasts and documents from the FESAC panels can be found on the archive site.


Here you will find a list of all known tokamaks around the world. (if you know of one not on the list please let them know!) The site also hosts the famous tokamaks poster.


Alcator C-Mod (MIT)

Unique in its dedication to compact size and high performance in ITER relevant parameters with the world’s highest magnetic field. It is also the largest single U.S. training facility for students.

DIII-D (San Diego)

One of the largest operation tokamaks, and a pioneer of non-circular cross-section tokamaks.

NSTX (Princeton)

A spherical tokamak(ST) in the world and exploresthe characteristics and effectiveness of the ST configuration. It is presently undergoing a major upgrade.


STOR-M (University of Saskatchewan)

The only tokamak in Canada.


EAST (Hefei, China)

A superconducting tokamak with a pulse length up to 1000 seconds.

JT-60SA (Naka, Japan)

Will be the largest superconducting tokamak except ITER when the construction is finished by 2016.

LHD (Toki, Japan)

The largest superconducting stellarator in the world.

KSTAR (Daejeon, Korea)

A superconduting tokamak with a designed pulse length up to 300 seconds.

SST-1 (Gandhinagar, India)

A medium-size superconducting tokamak, planned to operate starting in 2012.


ASDEX-U (Garching, Germany)

One of the largest operating tokamaks with an ITER-like configuration.

FTU (Frascati, Italy)

A medium size, high-magnetic-field tokamak.

JET (Culham, U.K.)

The largest operating tokamak in the world with an ITER-like wall.

MAST (Culham, U.K.)

Another major spherical tokamak (ST) along with NSTX in the USA to study the potential of the ST.

Tore Supra (Cadarache, France)

The largest operating superconducting tokamak with an actively cooled first wall.

TCV (Lausanne, Switzerland)

A tokamak that is capable of generating various shapes of plasmas.

TEXTOR (Jülich, Germany)

A tokamak that mainly focuses on plasma-wall interaction.

Wendelstein 7-X (Greifswald, Germany)

A large stellarator with modular superconducting coils.

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